Kenya Society of Careleavers (KESCA) formerly known as Kenya Network of Care Leavers ( KNCL), is an organization registered as a society in Kenya by and for adults (18 + years)  who spent all or part of their childhood  in children homes, orphanages, and or  rehabilitation centers.

Our vision is to see empowered Care leavers lead a meaningful life and actively participate in the promotion of the rights of children without parental care.


To promote the well-being of Careleavers and lobby for the rights of institutionalized children. We strive to enhance the social and psychological coping mechanisms of young people who have left residential care and create supportive networks for the young adults to achieve better life outcomes. We provide educational and life skills training opportunities through forums for young adults who have exited residential care and to children who are still in residential care. We advocate for quality care and family care support for children in residential care through conferences, workshops, walks and public awareness campaigns.


  • Commitment: Ensure that the rights of children and young people without parental care are protected, respected and promoted.
  • Transparency: The group will ensure that it is accountable and trustworthy to all individuals, groups and organizations as well as accountable for the resources and activities undertaken.
  • Integrity: Uphold and promote honesty, respect, character, self-determination and good citizenship between and among Careleavers and children in institutional car
  • Solidarity: The group will at all times work in harmony to achieve change at the micro and macro levels in the society.

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"Through the support of caring individuals, institutions and organizations, care leavers have continued to benefit from the life changing programs that aim to improving their overall welfare"