What we do

“I am happy to be part of KESCA I can now stand in front of people without being shy, I have regained my self-esteem and confidence in life”

KESCA recognizes that growth for young people who have left care embodies comprehensive socio-emotional, economic, cultural and political development. Our focus and endeavour is to constantly improve Careleavers well-being through active and meaningful engagement. We as KESCA acknowledge the calamitous ramifications of long term institutionalization of children, and the inadequacies that this care presents to young people after leaving care. However, our belief is that it is never late to intervene and work with them to better their lives. Below are some on-going projects:

  • Motivation 4 Life Program ( M4L)

    Motivation 4 Life Program ( M4L)
    “I feel hopeful even though life continues to be challenging”
  • Ladies Empowerment Program (LEEP)

    Ladies Empowerment Program (LEEP)
    "The sessions have helped me know my purpose in life."
  • Empowerment through Puppetry (EP)

    Empowerment through Puppetry (EP)
    “I feel meaningfully engaged, I am happy I can put a smile on a child’s face and teach them something new”
  • Computer Training and Service Centre

    Computer Training and Service Centre
    “ I did not have a job before, KESCA has offered me an opportunity to utilise my skills and earn a living”
  • Advocacy and Awareness

    Advocacy and Awareness
    "Supporting care leavers should be an obligation and not charity, especially being one of the most socially excluded groups"
  • 1000 Memories Project

    1000 Memories Project
    "Every child has a past, and a present, they choose what to remember, and through photos we help them treasure those memories"
  • Our Supporters

    How can I help?
    "Through the support of caring individuals, institutions and organizations, care leavers have continued to benefit from the life changing programs that aim to improving their overall welfare"